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Tag: Digital technology

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Critical AWS CloudTrail vulnerability allowed attackers to circumvent CloudTrail & GuardDuty logging
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2023-01-23 21:46:27

AWS plots $35B US data centre move - Mobile World Live
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2023-01-23 21:41:57

AWS is spending $35 billion on one of its most troubled US cloud regions - TechRadar
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2023-01-23 21:16:22

AWS splashes $35bn to expand data centres in Virginia - TechCentral.ie
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2023-01-23 21:07:27

After re:Invent, where's AWS pointed in 2023? - ERP Today
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2023-01-23 20:52:58

Microsoft, Amazon results to highlight softening cloud business - CNA
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2023-01-23 20:43:24

Demand for blockchain skills shot up 552% in 2022. Here's why | ZDNET
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2023-01-23 23:09:37