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Ambassador cruise line to adopt Starlink Wi-Fi on its ships - Travel Tomorrow

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Date: 2023-11-20 15:55:36

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In the twenty-first century, living without Wi-Fi has become unthinkable. And even though some is better than none, for many of us, broadband speed is important, especially for those combining business and pleasure who have to get some work done even when they’re on vacation. With cruises becoming ever more popular, the importance of Wi-Fi on board has grown too. The Ambassador cruise line will therefore be installing Starlink Wi-Fi on two of its ships, in order to offer their travellers an even better experience.

Previously, Royal Caribbean had sent a letter to the US Federal Communications Commission asking them to “expeditiously” process the approval of Starlink to operate on moving vehicles. That approval was given last year and now, Ambassador is the next cruise line company introducing the service.

Original Source: https://traveltomorrow.com/ambassador-cruise-line-to-adopt-starlink-wi-fi-on-its-ships/