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authID.ai Provides Better Quality Assessments With Verified 2.4 - FindBiometrics

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Date: 2022-01-24 20:33:36

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authID.ai has released the latest edition of its Verified authentication solution. Verified Platform Version 2.4 comes with some standard speed and performance improvements, and will also make it easier for users to capture a selfie during the authentication process.

authID.ai Provides Better Quality Assessments With Verified 2.4

Verified uses facial recognition to match the image on a selfie to the image on a photo ID. The solution can be accessed through a web browser on a desktop computer or a smartphone, and is designed to facilitate remote identity verification in a more mobile environment.

The new version of the platform features a new user interface that should make the platform easier to navigate, with better cross-device support for people who need to access their account in different settings. The improved selfie capture features, meanwhile, will minimize the number of false rejections and deliver a better overall user experience. To that end, Verified 2.4 introduces a recapture allowance that allows users to take another photo if the first does not meet certain quality and liveness thresholds. It will also provide users with better feedback while they are taking that photo, analyzing factors like glare, lighting, and facial positioning in real time to help users find an angle that will pass muster with the system.

According to authID.ai, Verified can be used to protect both employee and customer-facing accounts. The company noted that logins, money transfers, and account change requests all become more secure with biometric authentication.

“This latest version of our Verified platform reflects our vision of delivering the absolute best in biometric identity authentication to businesses of all industries,” said authID.ai Product SVP Jeremiah Mason. “We are committed to creating best-in-class, cloud-native security solutions and to scaling this cyber infrastructure to help customers across virtually any market segment combat the risks of password and identity fraud.”

authID.ai started offering 14-day free trials of Verified in October. The solution was recently listed on the Auth0 Marketplace, and has previously been delivered for CU NextGen and Hamilton Reserve Bank.

January 24, 2022 – by Eric Weiss

Original Source: https://findbiometrics.com/authid-ai-provides-better-quality-assessments-with-verified-2-4-012401/