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Digital Transformation Begins With People And Ends With Brand – How Ingram Micro's ... - Forbes

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Date: 2023-01-12 08:00:12

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Sanjib Sahoo, Chief Digital Officer of Ingram Micro Inc.

Courtesy of White Fox PR

Digital transformation’s impact goes well beyond technology and infrastructure, often altering the DNA of an organization, both its people and culture. When done correctly, it not only improves one's business model but also positively impacts one's brand — allowing the business to become both more client-centric and culture-rich.

Too many business leaders fail to capture the full value from their digital strategy because they are not integrated with the brand and people strategy. Without this integration, leaders struggle to capture the value across the organization both internally with team members and externally with customers.

This month I sat down with digital innovator Sanjib Sahoo, the Chief Digital Officer of $54 billion-dollar tech giant Ingram Micro Inc. to understand his approach to creating a more holistic approach to digital transformation.

Soon Yu: What are businesses getting wrong with Digital Transformation?

Sanjib Sahoo: In today’s world, companies need to distinguish themselves less and less by their products and more and more by their people and platforms. Digital transformation done right requires an organization to be both aggressively digital and amazingly human.