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Grocery delivery service taps OOH to make splash in US - Retail Customer Experience
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2022-02-22 22:58:42

Uber Eats to offer deliveries from 120 BP forecourts - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
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2022-03-29 22:40:33

Uber Eats to offer deliveries from 120 BP forecourts | The Independent
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2022-03-29 19:28:26

Sequoia's Doug Leone steps down, making way for new global head Roelof Botha | TechCrunch
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2022-04-04 22:43:40

These are the winner-take-all startups poised to dominate their markets - Fast Company
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2022-04-14 18:50:06

Flink, the German instant grocery upstart, snaps up France's Cajoo for ~$93M, takes fresh ...
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2022-05-16 15:24:00