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Tag: Food delivery

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Veriff Provides Biometric Authentication for Starship's Robot Delivery Service - Mobile ID World
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2022-01-21 20:18:09

The challenges of staying warm while working as a bike delivery person during the colder months
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2022-01-23 16:59:25

Belgium's Deliverect orders up $150 million at $1.4 billion valuation - Tech.eu
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2022-01-24 20:44:49

Gorillas to acquire Frichti in latest instant grocery consolidation | TechCrunch
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2022-01-24 17:32:19

Woflow structures merchant data so food ordering can be more accurate | TechCrunch
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2022-01-25 13:58:20

Tech roundup: Can tech fix the supply chain? - Restaurant Business Magazine
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2022-01-26 15:39:28

Idaho woman, 21, who has raised almost $60,000 for 71-year-old DoorDash delivery driver ...
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2022-01-26 19:33:48

Police officer delivers DoorDash order after the driver was arrested - USA Today
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2022-01-26 19:27:19