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Tag: Advertising

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Instoried announces AI-based text-to-image tool – 'Instoried ART': Best Media Info
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2022-11-30 06:25:29

Instoried announces AI-based text-to-image tool 'Instoried ART' - MediaNews4U
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2022-11-30 05:37:19

Integral Ad Science Appoints Khurrum Malik as Chief Marketing Officer - ExchangeWire.com
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2022-11-30 10:03:40

Influencers Were Paid By Google To Promote a Pixel Phone They Never Used - Slashdot
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2022-11-30 02:30:20

Media Makers Meet (Mx3) Berlin: "Growth should be driven by the product side, not sales ...
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2022-11-30 05:01:47

Report: Social Media Overhyped As Sales Tool 11/29/2022 - MediaPost
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2022-11-30 01:22:20

Balenciaga Sues Over Recent Ad Scandal, and Other News – SURFACE - SurfaceMag
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2022-11-30 10:03:58

5 Emerging Trends That Are Reshaping the Commercial - JETS WEEKLY
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2022-11-30 11:00:41