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Tag: Augmented reality

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Tim Cook is getting a lot less coy about Apple's AR headset - The Verge
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2022-06-22 19:51:51

The Augmented Reality Risk Most Building Owners Aren't Ready For - Propmodo
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2022-06-22 18:28:19

Ikea's New VR Design Tool Can Erase All Your Ugly Furniture Before You Try Theirs
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2022-06-22 17:17:05

$POODL Token takes the real world, virtual world and augmented reality to help create the ...
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2022-06-22 19:32:00

ePlay Names Fintech / Augmented Reality Software Development Executive to ... - InvestorIntel
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2022-06-22 17:15:57

Why You Could Soon Have a Digital Twin (And What They're For) - Play Crazy Game
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2022-06-24 19:02:38