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Tag: Human?computer interaction

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Microsoft is sunsetting social VR pioneer AltspaceVR - TechCrunch
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2023-01-21 23:07:09

The Whole World In Your Hand: Major Advances In Haptic Technology - Forbes
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2023-01-21 17:49:17

You could sleep through your next surgery in VR - MIXED Reality News
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2023-01-21 16:27:29

Thermally-Drawn Microelectronic Fibers Can Turn T-Shirts Into Sweat-Sampling Health Monitors
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2023-01-21 19:36:29

Microsoft is shutting down virtual reality platform, AltspaceVR - The Hindu
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2023-01-23 22:38:24

Apple in talks with Disney, others on VR content for new headset – Bloomberg News | WTVB
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2023-01-23 22:37:45

Apple in talks with Disney, others on VR content for new headset: report
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2023-01-23 22:24:45