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Tag: Educational technology

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Province funding 20 virtual learning projects at Seneca
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2021-06-12 17:03:45

Guest Commentary: Hartnell seeks in-person learning for students' success
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2021-06-12 16:52:30

Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) Market: Industry Size and Growth Opportunities with COVID19 ...
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2021-06-12 17:37:30

Universities promise to ramp up face-to-face learning as student frustrations grow
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2021-06-12 19:52:30

Some Catholic schools will be permanently “virtual”
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2021-06-12 14:03:45

Fairfield Museum Launches New Digital Learning Program
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2021-06-12 18:22:30

Tafila Technical University hosts int'l conference on educational technology
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2021-06-12 21:45:00

Why I think going back to in-person class will be an adjustment
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2021-06-12 16:07:30