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Tag: Epic Games

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Recent Articles

Epic's battle with Apple is partly motivated by metaverse ambitions - 9to5Mac
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2021-11-17 16:25:26

Apple Judge Calls Out Nobel Winner's Math in $10 Billion Suit - Bloomberg Quint
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2021-11-17 19:41:44

Epic CEO says Apple, Google must be stopped from monopoly abuse - Japan Today
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2021-11-17 15:10:37

Epic says Google created a "Fortnite task force" to safeguard its monopoly - TheNewsTrace
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2021-11-19 09:58:34

Will Fortnite and Apple come to an agreement? The state of Apple vs Epic Lawsuit in 2021
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2021-11-27 17:33:16

Google was so worried about 'Fortnite' undercutting its digital store that it formed a special ...
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2021-11-27 21:51:50