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Tag: Blake Lemoine

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Google dismisses an employee who referred to an AI model as'sentient' - Bestgamingpro
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2022-07-24 10:51:00

Blake Lemoine: Google fires the engineer who claimed that an artificial intelligence program ...
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2022-07-24 18:17:45

Who is the engineer fired by Google for saying that the Artificial Intelligence program has conscience
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2022-07-24 13:20:43

Google Fires Software Engineer Who Claimed Its AI Chatbot Has Emotions - NDTV.com
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2022-07-24 15:14:37

Google fires engineer for saying its AI has a soul - Mashable
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2022-07-25 21:57:55

Google worker sacked after claiming AI is sentient says firm's bot is 'pretty racist' too
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2022-08-01 11:26:40

Google's AI chatbot—sentient and similar to 'a kid that happened to know physics' - Yahoo Finance
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2022-08-01 05:53:18