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Tag: Waitr

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News about Accelerate St. Landry, Waitr | Business - Bollyinside
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2021-10-24 10:39:27

Viral Video Shows Workers Not Taking Deliveries Without Tips, Sparks Debate - Entrepreneur
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2021-12-13 20:48:23

Waitr Plans Cova Acquisition and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 12/17/21 ...
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2021-12-17 16:55:20

Waitr plans to acquire a cannabis dispensary POS company for $90M | Restaurant Dive
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2021-12-20 16:15:44

Uber Technologies Inc. stock underperforms Tuesday when compared to competitors ...
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2021-12-21 22:31:07

A Guy Refused To Tip A DoorDasher For Calling Him 'Fat' & TikTok Thinks He Heard Her ... - Narcity
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2022-01-18 16:11:40

Uber Technologies Inc. stock underperforms Thursday when compared to competitors - MarketWatch
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2022-05-06 07:49:35

Waitr Holdings' $90M Deal With Cannabis Dispensary Software Company Collapses Before ...
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2022-03-12 22:28:30

DoorDash extends its gas rewards benefit as fuel prices remain high | Restaurant Dive
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2022-05-02 20:48:01