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These Three Initiatives For Audience Measurement Are Helping Marketers - Forbes

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Date: 2022-12-30 01:30:04

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With the growth of streaming naturally comes digital viewing of content and advertising. This, in turn, has created a massive shift for both the entertainment and advertising industries. And the consequences are appreciable. “As a result of this shift, there’s a significant need for more accurate measurement of digital media consumption, and for updated measurement methods for linear broadcast and cable networks,” summarizes Todd Holmes, associate professor at Cal State Northridge.

The timing, however, is interesting. The shift comes at a time when the industry is more open than ever to new alternatives, in part on account of certain issues that have brought to light the need for better and more reliable data. As a result, the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), a trade association that promotes the interests of the television advertising business for cable and broadcast television networks, as well as other programming distributors and creators, launched a task force to engage with initiatives that encourage better counting of streaming subscribers, including the following three headed up by ANA, OpenAP and NBC Universal, respectively.

ANA Cross-Media Measurement Initiative

The Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) Cross-Media Measurement Initiative is a partnership between the ANA and Comscore SCOR , a global media measurement and analytics company. This partnership is developing a privacy-preserving cross-media measurement solution for marketers.

“The goals of this initiative,” explains Holmes, “is to deliver a complete and transparent view of ad exposure across all media; enable planning and optimization for deduplicated reach and frequency across all media channels; and provide the ability to evaluate the complete and cumulative effects of a campaign across all media channels and devices, including the value of specific media channels.”